Hunting Responsibility

Our responsibility

For the animals and nature

In Sweden we have a long hunting tradition with high hunting ethics that protect nature, the animals and the ecosystem they create together. It is a genuine game preserving activity that also provides the opportunity to prepare and eat smart, healthy food from the neighbouring countryside and show our children a sustainable way of life while enjoying outdoor experiences with all the senses fully awake. 

We strive for the same high ethics as an outdoor company. Nature is our starting point when we design; when we choose materials and when we decide where to produce our clothes and equipment.

It sets high demands on ourselves and our suppliers. Sometimes we have to compromise and sometimes we make mistakes but we try to learn some of them; deelop and adapt. We do not give up. We never lean back, relax and think that what we are doing right now is good enough. At Fjällräven, the term "room for improvement" is deeply rooted in all of us who work here. By inspiring more people to discover outdoor life, and all its positive effects, we hope that more people will care for what nature has to offer us and, with our joingt efforts, will keep offering us in the future.
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